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Field Trial Summary

First of all Welcome! 

Our field trial days are posted on FaceBook and on our calendar here.

When you first arrive at the grounds Say hello!

Introduce yourself! Tell us about your dog! 

It's okay if your first day is just an orientation of sorts! 

Typically there will be a whiteboard (or a few) to sign up on. 

  - Your Name, Your dog's name, What you're working on

What you Need: 

  • A Plan - Come with a game plan of what you'd like to work on. For your first day, it's okay to get a lay of the land. All are welcome. 

  • Water -  For you and your dog!

  • Blaze Orange - for you! Hat / Vest 

  • Bird Money 

  • Wear good boots - there's lots of walking

  • Gloves 

  • Earplugs / Hearing Protection

  • Tie out / Crate for your dog - somewhere for them to wait before their turn

  • Training Tools You Typically Use such as: 

    • E-Collar (Don't forget to charge it, ask us how we know!)

    • Prong Collar

    • Check Cord / Long Rope or Leash


What You Might Want or Will Eventually Need, but not on your first day: 

  • Bird Bag**

  • Shotgun and Ammo (Steel Shot only) **

  • Snacks and Treats (For you and your dog)

  •  Folding Chair

Before field trials don't forget to order birds two days before!

Text Al Burkhardt


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